A New Generation
Cashmere Brand

"The Golden Yarn"

Cashmere is often referred to as "the golden yarn", a phrase which in Italian, reads as filato d’oro and in French, fil d’or. With this notion of the golden yarn - the actual essence of cashmere glory - FILORO was born into existence.

High Quality Cashmere

We don't outsource anything. What does that mean for you? It means we've done everything ourselves, so we can assure you the highest quality product.

On Trend Styles

Our design team is constantly monitoring and forecasting trends. You won't find your grandma's twin set here, this is for the style-obsessed.

Accessible Pricing

Cashmere is expensive. And the price is constantly changing. We take much lower markups than other retailers and bring those savings direct to you.

Brand Mission

FILORO represents itself as a combination of approachable luxury, high quality, current trend pieces, at an accessible price point. With a belief in creating cashmere to be more fashion-forward than ever before, FILORO is a new generation cashmere brand, offering novelty, limited edition collections.

As a direct to consumer brand, by owning factories, and functioning entirely vertically integrated, FILORO is able to control the production from beginning to end ensuring highest quality, without the traditional retail markup.

where to find us

Exclusively Online

Our current collection of styles can only be found, right here on this website. 

We occassionally pop-up IRL, so stay in touch to find out if we're coming near you.


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