• 1. Mission

    FILORO represents itself as a combination of approachable luxury, high quality, current trend pieces, at an accessible price point.  With a belief in creating cashmere to be more fashion-forward than ever before, FILORO is a new generation cashmere brand, offering novelty, limited edition collections.
    As a direct to consumer brand, by owning factories, and functioning entirely vertically integrated, FILORO is able to control the production from beginning to end ensuring highest quality, without the traditional retail markup.

    B. Filoro: The Golden Yarn
    Cashmere is often referred to as the golden yarn, a phrase which in Italian, reads as filato dâ€:tm:oro and in French, fil dâ€:tm:or. With this notion of the golden yarn - the actual essence of cashmere glory- FILORO was born into existence.

    C. The Journey
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    1. Follow the journey of how FILORO cashmere is sourced and manufactured.

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    2. Cashmere comes from the soft underdown of selected Cashmere goats from Inner Mongolia. The goats are combed, in which the underdown beneath their longer and rougher hair is collected. This fleece consists of the softest and finest fibers.

    FILORO Fact: It takes the fleece of approximately three to five goats to make one cashmere sweater.
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    3. The fleece is sorted by hand and under UV light to select the best quality, before being washed, to rinse away any natural oils and smells.

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    4. The fiber length is tested and analyzed under a microscope by an expert.

    FILORO Fact: What is the biggest difference in separating higher quality Cashmere versus lower quality? It is the fiber length and the diameter of the fiber. Shorter fibers will cause pilling faster.
    5. The cashmere fibers are either kept their natural color or dyed to exclusive FILORO colors.

    FILORO Fact: Naturally light-colored cashmere is the most valuable and can be dyed any color in the world.
    6. The cashmere is then carded to open up the fibers and spun on to cones, into cashmere yarn.

    7. Yarn from the cones are then knit into panels (front, sleeve, back, etc.) via knitting machines.

    8. The knit panels are inspected and then fully fashioned, as each panel is linked together by hand.

    9. Each garment is then washed, steam-pressed, measured and inspected by expert quality control, before being labeled and shipped to the United States.

    FILORO Fact: There are 20+ measurements per style that are perfected down to ¼ of an inch!