We don’t use the line “Heavenly Cashmere at Down to Earth Prices” lightly. The seasonality actually does make it a heavenly piece in your wardrobe! When you think of cashmere, you may not think of bright sunny days and warm weather but Filoro is here to help change that. We believe in individuality so whether it’s white after Labor Day, or cashmere in the Summer there is no wrong way to dress. We’re going to let you know a few reasons why wearing cashmere in the warmer months is not just acceptable, but encouraged!

Before we get to the fun styling ideas, we will start with some technical details. If you’re looking to purchase cashmere but fear it will have you limited to only a few months of the year, think again. One of the reasons why we love cashmere is because it is a natural fabric. This means when you are wearing cashmere, your body maintains a consistent temperature and it allows your skin to breath. While typically marketed as a Fall and Winter investment piece, the temperature regulating properties and comfortable Filoro prices make it a four season item. The bottom line, cashmere does not allow you to get that hot!

It’s also important to remember that this luxurious option is perfect for occasions in the warmer months such as being on a boat in the evening or attending an outdoor sporting event when you just aren’t quite sure if you’ll be basking in the sun, or if a chilly breeze may come along. You can always have a cashmere sweater on hand to toss over your outfit as a great layering piece and it doesn’t just have to be a cardigan (even though we love that, too!) 

In featuring our Camryn and Lorelei  sweaters below, you can check out some amazing options that make these pieces perfect for Spring and Summer! Each of these pieces, along with all of our Cashmere, come in fun colors and unique styles that are perfect for warm weather and help brighten up your wardrobe. You can wear any of these option with solid colored shorts or play around with different prints and patterns! A silk midi skirt is a great staple that looks awesome with classic white sneakers, or dressed up with some strappy heels! Remember, cashmere is great for any season or event so don’t hesitate to wear the same sweater to an event or chill night in the backyard! Happy Styling! 

Written By: Katie Haas
March 25, 2021 — Kimberly Conrad