Cashmere is due for a wash after every 5-7 wears depending on your preferences to maintain its luxury quality and longevity. Hand-washing your garment is the most effective method to ensure it receives the best attention and care. We’ve outlined a step-by-step guide to make hand-washing your cashmere a breeze. Don’t be intimidated – its easier than you think.

Step 1: Get Yourself Organized

Grab your sweater, two clean towels, a mild detergent, and fill up your clean sink or basin halfway with clean, cool water. You will also want to grab a measuring tape and a notebook to jot down the measurements of your garment.

Quick Tip: Baby shampoo works as a great alternative to a detergent!

Step 2: Take Measurements

It’s important to make sure your sweater is the same size after washing as it is before so it doesn’t shrink! Using your measuring tape, measure the body length of the sweater (top to bottom), the chest length, and the length of a sleeve – jot these down so you have them to reference after washing.

Quick Tip: Do NOT skip this step. You may think its overkill but doing this and adjusting your sweater to the original measurements while its drying will keep your sweater from shrinking or growing.

Step 3: Prep Your Sink

You are almost ready to wash! Add a little bit of mild detergent to the water in the sink and swish it around slightly to get a nice sudsy water.

Step 4: Wash

Submerge your sweater in the soapy water, making sure to be very gentle. You can leave it to soak for up to 30 minutes, but make sure to gently swirl it around in the water for an effective clean.

Quick Tip: You can wash it inside out to ensure the interior of the sweater is extra clean.

Step 5: Rinse Sweater

Once it has been soaked in the water, put your sweater under the faucet to rinse all of the soap out.

Step 6: Press Out Excess Water

Once all of the suds are out, gently press your sweater out to get rid of any excess water. Do NOT wring out the sweater!

Step 7: Towel Roll

Lay out a clean, dry towel and lay your sweater flat on top of it. Gently roll the towel towards you, rolling the sweater in it, and carefully squeeze and press out any excess water as you do this. 

Step 8: Lay Flat To Dry & Check Measurements

Remove your sweater from the wet towel and lay it on top of another clean, dry towel. Once you press it out flat, adjust it to its original shape. Take your measuring tape and measure the same lengths you did before. If there are any discrepancies, don’t freak out - just continue to adjust your sweater to ensure there are no folds or scrunches until the original measurements are the same. You can now leave it here to dry (usually 8 hours or so) or even leave it overnight to make sure you have a nice, clean cashmere sweater when you wake up. 

And you’re done! Make sure you are paying careful attention to your garment and doing each step gently, and your cashmere will be as good as new!

Quick Tip: It is especially important to make sure all your cashmere is clean before storing it over off-season months to avoid moths!

Written in Collaboration with Averi Dauphin