Cashmere wool yarn originates from the fine, soft undercoat around the neck and underbelly of the cashmere goat. These goats typically live in the Himalayan mountains in Mongolia, China, India, and Pakistan. They are herding animals and happiest when they are together as you can in a photo from one of our herders!

Cashmere producing goats have a two-layered coat. There is a rough outer layer that is meant to protect them from the elements and a fine undercoat consisting of dense, soft hair that is used to create fabrics. This hair is close to the skin of the goat and is said to be 10 times warmer than sheep’s wool! This undercoat can typically take six months to fully mature which is part of the reason why cashmere is so special and rare. Because this fiber is so precious, it represents only 0.5% of the world’s wool production. A goat is sheared (no goats are harmed in this process, don’t worry it’s just a haircut for them!) and the process begins to create a new special knitwear piece. 

The beauty and uniqueness of Cashmere is often reflected in its prices, which is why our vertically integrated production process is such an important part of our mission to keep pricing affordable and allow us to maintain high quality standards at Filoro. Our goats, staff, and cashmere pieces are all meticulously cared for throughout this process making sure you receive the best, fashion-forward cashmere items to your home at an affordable price.

Written By: Katie Haas

October 05, 2021 — Kimberly Conrad