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Our Mission

We offer high-quality cashmere that celebrates individuality through our elevated and adventurous designs, luxurious feel and comfortable pricing.

Our factories are certified by the SFA (Sustainable Fiber Alliance)

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"The Golden Yarn"

Cashmere is often referred to as "The Golden Yarn", a phrase which in Italian reads as filato d'oro or in French, fil d'or. With this notion of the golden yarn - the essence of cashmere glory and luxury, our brand was born.


Meet the Founder

Hi! I'm Kim. Prior to entering the cashmere world, I spent years in luxury French fashion. My family has been behind the scenes in the cashmere industry for 20+ years producing cashmere knitwear and more for major US department stores and other brands. We still do this today, but it was time for us to have our own brand. We developed this line to bring you high quality cashmere with a fun fashion element at comfortable prices.

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