With the continued growth of "Fast Fashion" - its more important than ever that we focus on ways as individuals to help reduce our carbon footprint. As a brand, it is 100% imperative to look at all of our processes through an eco-friendly lens. As a new company, we've been doing this from day 1. By looking at each element of both the manufacturing process & the consumer process - there are always little things a company can do to improve & not create unnecessary waste. When starting our brand, fancy packaging was one of the first aspects that we decided to stand against. Yeah, its nice to receive something in a beautiful box - but are you saving that box? Chances are its going right in the trash. 

A new decision for us in an effort to continuously evolve and improve was to launch a capsule collection of Recycled Cashmere. I personally believe that the language surrounding recycled, eco-friendly, sustainable, green, insert other word here can be super confusing. How do you REALLY know what you're getting? How do you know that it truly is sustainable? Bottom line, it needs to be certified.

Our collection of recycled cashmere is made with a specific type of yarn (content: 60% pre-consumer recycled cashmere, 35% recycled cashmere & 5% extrafine merino wool) that is certified by the GRS (Global Recycled Standard). This means it complies with their standards and qualifications. 

Recycled Cashmere can be both "pre" or "post" consumer. In the scenario where it is "pre-consumer" recycled, this means its using what was previously considered "waste" from the factory. If it is made with "post-consumer" materials, this typically means a large company who had excess old inventory, re-purposed their existing inventory to create new styles. 

Either situation and any recycled product is obviously a step in the right direction for our environment and we applaud any company that does so. Our specific blend of recycled cashmere we felt was the most durable & softest available in the market. The intention of introducing this collection is to help reduce our consumption of natural resources, increase efficiency & reduce waste. It is a small first step, but we're excited to introduce the collection and hope you love it as much as we do. 



September 05, 2019 — Kimberly Conrad