There is no doubt the past 18 months have tremendously changed the way we live our lives and with the Holiday Season upon us many people are looking for particularly thoughtful and beautiful gifts for those we love. Looking for something luxurious, affordable, and made with care can be particularly difficult which is why Filoro Cashmere makes such a wonderful gift. Between our cashmere lines for both men and women, accessories and home, you can find something for every person (or dog!) in your life at price points and quality that are both thoughtful and responsible. 

While Cashmere is an investment, Filoro allows you to make these luxurious purchases without breaking the bank making it a beautiful holiday gift. It is one of the softest and finest materials available that is perfect for cozy days still working from home, or bundling up when you head out in the cold. Following our care instructions, these long lasting pieces are valuable statement garments that will bring complete comfort (not to mention, amazing style!) to any gift recipient. Cashmere is also sustainable and Filoro pieces are made with precious methods, so you can give this gift with a happy heart and a very clear conscience about how the product is produced. 

We pride ourselves on making fashion forward cashmere garments, and there is no doubt that cashmere never goes out of style which is another reason why it is a great item for gifting! If you know exactly what someone is looking for, or just want to give a thoughtful piece you can guarantee that years from now the item will remain elegant and effortless. There is no worry that in a few months the pieces will have run its course or end up in the back of a closet. Make a memory with someone you love every time they wear your gift by giving the gift of Filoro!


Written By: Katie Haas

November 15, 2021 — Kimberly Conrad