Although you may suddenly be seeing it pop up everywhere, Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. We hear about it, love to shop sustainable clothing, and are encouraged to do so, but what does it actually mean? 

​​According to a study in the Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, sustainable fashion is comprised of “… local sourcing and production, transparency across the supply chain, traceability of work processes and raw materials, environmentally friendly raw materials, safe working conditions, and fair wages.” 

Sustainable fashion means you are avoiding the depletion of natural resources while also ensuring the well beings of employees in the communities of your production. “Fast fashion” can often be harmful to the environment when it comes to both production and waste, and is often produced under harsh or unsafe conditions to the employees but FILORO is produced in both an ecologically and socially responsible manner. 

FILORO is not only sustainable due to the nature and environment in which it is produced, but also due to the longevity in wear of the pieces. When treated properly, Cashmere does not need to be constantly replaced but can be reworn season after season. This means you do not always have to be buying new to be wearing more, which greatly helps our environment! 

At FILORO, we do everything in-house at our own factories and nothing is outsourced. This allows us to maintain the highest quality product and manage each step of the production from raw material to finished product. 

When it comes to the animals, employees and communities, we work with herders who only shear during specified times and using standardized procedures the goats are never hurt during this process. Our herders only farm on land far from urban areas, do not use fertilizers or other chemicals, and limit the number of goats to each pastoral area as to not over-populate the land. We also fund primary & secondary schools in local communities of our facilities and follow the highest standards of labor regulations in all regions.

As you can see, being an environmentally conscious and sustainable brand is very important to us here at FILORO. We use only eco friendly detergent and dyes and have installed sophisticated water treatment plants which reduce our water consumption & discharge volume. We also have systems in place to manage natural ventilation & reduce air pollution.  

Learn more about our focus on sustainability here.


Written By: Katie Haas

December 21, 2021 — Kimberly Conrad