At Filoro we primarily offer pieces that are 100% cashmere, but also carry some of our favorites, like the Harper and Hadley, in a Cotton Cashmere half-blend. This blend is lightweight, buttery soft, and consists of 95% Cotton and 5% cashmere. It is machine washable which makes it a great option that is a bit more low maintenance than 100% cashmere, just be sure to wash cold and lay flat to dry! 

The relatability of cotton with the luxury of cashmere makes this the perfect blend to mix in with your cashmere pieces when you need a piece that is a bit more casual and easy to maintain. Your wardrobe may be full of blends and we pride ourselves on keeping cashmere accessible with blended pieces. 

The Chloe and Reagan are the perfect go-to t-shirts for your wardrobe. They are an affordable price point and the cashmere adds a more luxurious feel to your typical cotton t-shirt. If you’re anything like us, you know it’s important to think about cost per wear when it comes to your basics like a t-shirt. How many times have you bought a t-shirt for it to immediately lose its crisp and luxurious "just home from the store" look after one wear? With a cotton-cashmere blend, these pieces maintain their luxurious quality while keeping you looking polished and comfortable. They have a relaxed fit & super lightweight for even the hottest summer days, but with that special softness that comes from the little bit of cashmere added in.

April 20, 2021 — Filoro Support